Kirstie Adamson Magazine Collage Artist
Magazine Collage Art Let's Pretend

3D & Interactive

For my 2017 solo exhibition 'Let's Pretend' I created several 3D and interactive pieces, I hope to build on this for future projects.

The Wishing Tree
A direct reaction to Japanese artist Yoko Ono's Wish tree series. The collaged autumnal leaves, each with a 'wish' written on them with collaged letters, lay around the base of a collaged coat stand, the only remaining leaf reads 'Hope'.

Upcycled and collaged section of a wardrobe depicting a girl and a snowy forest by a lampost.

Flight Of Fantasy
27 magazine collaged & papercut butterflies to represent the further 27% population decline of the Monarch butterfly between 2016 & 2017. The rainbow of colours are to represent the recurring theme in my work, where creatures from the natural world are destined to become those of myth & legend if action isn't taken.

Red & The Wolf and Hansel, Gretal and the Witch
Sliding collages inspired by pop up fairytale books.

A collaged vinyl can be spun to reveal bluebirds. A music box attached to the frame plays 'Over The Rainbow'.

Storyteller Doll - Red Ridinghood
Created using an upcycled lampshade, each panel is collaged to reflect a scene from the well known tale. I hope to expand on this series.