Kirstie Adamson Magazine Collage Artist
Magazine Collage Art Fragile


This series is a revisit to the concept behind my earlier collection *'Nature's Child'. I am working on a range of canvases with loose edges in which I plan to explore the possibilities of negative space and fluid boundaries. Following the recent loses of loved ones and my own experiences with ill health I have begun to add a sense of fragility to my work which I feel further expresses the need to preserve precious moments and childlike appreciation often lost as we become embroiled in adult life and responsibility.

I am also experimenting with perception, not only in encouraging the viewer to look more closely at the construction of the piece but also in the way the eye is tricked. The rough edge gives the impression that the canvas has been scraped back to reveal an image hidden beneath.

*The Nature's Child collection reflects the innocent pleasure that children take in their environment, often lost as we grow older. Depicting precious moments in time and preserving happy memories, captures, in essence, my main drive in pursuing environmentally friendly practices. What is precious to us is worth protecting and the greatest motivation is working for the those we love. Each piece is constructed entirely from ripped and cut magazines.