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Behind The Smile

My experience of living with endometriosis and adenomyosis inspired me to create an exhibition to raise awareness of invisible illness. Together with other artists I curated an exhibition at Banks Mill Studios, Derby. The exhibition explores living with issues such as chronic pain, depression & anxiety. Aiming to break taboos & raise awareness.

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'Shattered' - First Panel
Self portrait based on my struggle with endometriosis and adenomyosis prior to radical surgery. A very personal and experimental piece. This is the first time I have integrated my own writing within a collage.

'Unplugged' - Second Panel
This piece relates to the isolation, loneliness and disconnected element of living with a long term illness. I have many a vivid memory of watching my family playing in the garden and being too ill to join them.

'Hope & Despair' - Third Panel
I chose not to add the text to this collage as it was conceptual piece that visually spoke of what I wanted to convey. In omitting the verse I wrote to accompany this piece I hope a wider group will relate to it.